28th January, 2016

Tony Parker, World Museum Liverpool

I started work at, the then, Liverpool Museum in 1982, having been interested in natural history from primary school, I saw it as a chance to improve my knowledge, increase my involvement with local groups and societies and meet people with shared interests.

I work with all of our collections of vertebrate specimens with particular responsibility for their documentation and curation. Currently I am preparing records on the zoology database prior to them being available on line via the NML website as well as compiling lists of historical records for selected parts of the bird collections. When necessary I select and conserve specimens for exhibitions, loans or displays in our interactive centres and assist with NML’s public activities as required.

My main interest is British wildlife, with particular emphasis on recording the natural history of the North West region and am involved in several projects regarding recording  and monitoring the distribution of birds, mammals and hymenoptera in the region. I work closely with various local natural history groups and societies such as Cheshire and Lancashire Wildlife Trusts, Lancashire Mammal Group and CAWOS and the various local record centres in the region.