16th February, 2017

Wendy Simkiss Assistant Curator, Earth and Physical Sciences, National Museums Liverpool

As someone interested initially in minerals; I studied geology at school, but became more interested in geomorphology at degree level.  I started work in the Clore Natural History Centre at World Museum shortly before graduation and was employed on the curatorial side a year later.  At work I became more interested in Palaeontology and the conservation of geological materials.  I studied geological conservation for a diploma to enable me to care for the collections.  My interest in palaeobotany led to the study of the Ravenhead collection of Carboniferous plants for my MSc in the history of science and technology.

My main area of research has been the palaeobotany of the local Triassic rocks and in reconstruction of the palaeoenvironment in which the plants lived.  Funding cuts meant I ended up looking after the Physical Sciences and Horology collections too.  However, this was an excellent opportunity to consider new directions as I undertook training in Berlin, under the excellent Daubenton scheme to learn to identify and care for meteorites.